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Vernalis Systems Pvt Ltd

In the 15 years that Vernalis has been addressing the most critical challenges of our clients, one thing remains obvious; each business is unique, presenting individualized challenges that need to be met and dealt with in a highly individualized way. Our approach is one of complete immersion into their complexities; not simply addressing the problems at hand but understanding the business themselves and motivations behind the desired solutions. Odd as it may seem, at Vernalis, while our business is technology, we see it as secondary to what we really do. Our focus is on the larger picture: your business goals and the deliverables we can provide to help you reach them. You might say we get your business because we "get" your business and we do it faster than anyone else.

Products/Services: Microsoft Technologies,IBM Technologies

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Company : Vernalis Systems Pvt Ltd
Address : 353 Lexington Avenue Suite 1604 New York, NY 10016
Country : IndiaCity : India
Telephone : 91 4442014800Fax :
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