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Pact Software Services Pvt. Ltd. | India

Established in 1998, PACT SOFTWARE SERVICES (P) LTD is an international software development company headquartered in India with its branches across Middle East. We specialize in accounting, ERP, and CRM software solutions.

PACT constantly delivers innovative, flexible and secure software solutions while maximizing value at every step in our customers and partner relationships. We are extremely proud of our dedication to customer service, and we prize the long term relationships that we develop with our clients.

Our modular business management solution for small and mid-size businesses is a fully integrated solution that allows automation of all business operations including accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, order management, inventory management, point of sale, asset management, payroll, etc.

Products/Services : Pact ERP,pact ERM

Tirubaa Technologies Pvt Ltd | India

Tirubaa develops, nurtures and offers this space. Through its services. By handling unconventional domains like Nano-technology, disruptive technology, system design and core low power embedded hardware platforms.

Amongst the target segments of Tirubaa are individual, young innovators, MSMEs, and large corporations. For each of these sectors, we have a set of defined (and non defined!) services which will realize their dream idea from mind to market.

Our core panel of value creators and their amazing qualifications coupled with our founder’s experience take your concepts and product ideas to the desired true levels. Tirubaa is a multitasking, multileveled enterprise. To understand better what it can do for you, we seek a personal dialogue to arrive at a defined relationship.

Products/Services : software application,Industrial design

FRC Corp | United States

Filter Research Corp. (FL): Founded in 1977 by Dr. Ahmed M. El Mahdawy.

FRC Component Products, Inc. (IA): Founded by Rockwell Collins in 1977 as Collins Component Products; purchased by FRC
in April 1993.

Chemical Technology, Inc: Founded in October 1992 in Florida; moved to Mason City, Iowa in October 1994.

FRC Electrical Industries, Inc.: Murray Hill, NJ factory acquired in August 1994.

Advanced Quality Moldes, S.A.: Portugal factory was initially founded in 1981 and acquired in September 1998.

FRC Internet Products, LLC. (FL): Newly formed in early 2004 to develop, manufacture and license WiFi and WiMAX products.

El-Sanabel for Industrial Development: Newly constructed facility in 2007 for R&D and manufacturing to support the Middle-
East and North-Africa (MENA) region.

FRC APAC (Taiwan): R&D wireless development and program management branch. Launched in September 2008.

Products/Services : Antenna,Lighted Displays Magnetics

Vidyo | United States

Technology should be invisible. People don’t think about jet propulsion when boarding a plane, or about torque when driving a car. So why worry about latency, error resiliency, and firewall traversal when holding a video conference? Video communication should be as simple, natural, and universal as sending an email. It should work with any device, on any available network, and be accessible to everyone at an affordable price.  And yet when Vidyo™ was founded in 2005, these common-sense concepts seemed quite radical. Vidyo’s CEO and co-founder, Ofer Shapiro, led the design team that built the first commercially successful video conferencing system. He understood that the adoption of video communication as a key business tool hinged on meeting a fundamental challenge: bringing price/performance in line with user expectations. To answer the challenge, a profoundly new architecture was required. An alternative to the pricey room systems that only connected to other room systems and required expensive dedicated networks; an antidote to the low quality, web-based systems that suffered from latency and jitter. To make it truly accessible to all, Vidyo’s platform needed to work over general-purpose networks like the Internet.

Products/Services : VidyoRouter,VidyoPanorama,VidyoPortal

Vinpower Digital | United States

Vinpower Digital is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of the most reliable and advanced duplication equipment available. Founded in 2000 as a system integrator, we started out with lofty goals and a lot of determination. Unable to secure the services and capabilities necessary to build duplicators to our higher standards, Vinpower Digital began developing our own duplication equipment. We have since developed the highest quality and most reliable duplicator controller, manual tower casing, and robotic autoloader duplicators on the market. By constantly expanding the boundaries of technology and offering market leading features which vastly improve the duplicators compatibility and functionality, Vinpower Digital quickly rose among the duplication industry elite.

Products/Services : Optical Disc Towers, FLASH MEMORY TOWERS

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