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ShinHyeon INT co., LTD

ShinHyeon INT co., LTD

Shin Hyong INT has plenty of experiences and superior know-how in the field of various molding technologies in Korea. With abundant human resources that have plenty of technologies and experiences, we have systematic and consistent system for mold manufacture, design, injection and assembly.

Currently, we provide mass production mold and product to medical equipment company and electronics company and are selling superior mount for car.

We are doing our best to come up with the best products.

Products/Services: Car Cradle, mold design

Brand : xenomix
Contact Information
Company : ShinHyeon INT co., LTD
Address : 170-2 Dodangdong, Wonmigu, Bucheonsi
Country : South KoreaCity : Bucheon
Telephone : +82-32-672-0772Fax : +82-32-682-0772
Website :

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